Metro PCS Sucks

Let me start by saying that I was lured by the idea of $35 per month unlimited calling. In theory it’s great. In application it is quite different. I live in the middle of Los Angeles. 90% of my driving is in and around Southern California. My phone gets no reception on the entir block that I live. On average it drops out twice per call.

I get zero reception around major metro areas like Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley and anywhere that has a hill larger than a speed bump. The customer service has limited hours and they are extremely rude and seemingly stupid. I was hung up on twice when inquiring as to why features I was paying for weren’t working. This includes my internet connect that works MAYBE 20% of the time.

Luckily Metro PCS has a 30 day refund policy right?

Metro PCS has a “30 day” refund policy IF and this is a big if, if you don’t use the service for more than one hour during that peiod. If you exceed the one hour of use the “30 day” refund is void.  Their phones are also much more expensive than the average carriers phone. This helps prevent people like me from canceling once they discover how crappy the service is.

Even though I pay extra for a roaming feature, it has never worked once despite numerous calls to customer service. Heading to Central California my phone only worked for 1 hour out of the 5 hour drive.

If Metro PCS is the only service you can afford, I would recommend waiting and saving your nickels and dimes. They could offer this service for free and it still wouldn’t be worth the wasted time and frustration you would experience.





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Metro PCS Reviewed

I started this blog to coillect the experiences of people who have used Metro PCS so that potential customers can get an idea of what to expect. My opinion is just my opinion. We may have different experiences with Metro. If we do, just remember, I’m right and you are wrong. 🙂

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